Growing Minds - Mathematics Tuition in New Plymouth
Growing Minds - Mathematics Tuition in New Plymouth
Growing Minds - Mathematics Tuition in New Plymouth

Frequently Asked Questions

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Mathematics Tuition is well recognised as an excellent supplement to the valued work of a classroom teacher. Maths Tuition can be of enormous benefit to students who may be struggling to reach achieved grades as well as for those who aspire to gain merit or excellences with NCEA achievement standards. Strong maths and statistics skills are important for learning across all subject areas and are essential for career development beyond secondary school. Some of tomorrow's most exciting careers will be based around mathematics and statistics and the ability to think precisely and reason logically. 

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I am passionate about maths and know my subject very well.

My enthusiasm is contagious and I bring out the fun in learning Maths!

Each lesson is tailored to focus on your current study needs - no pre set computer programmes or plans.

One on one tuition or in small groups with affordable lesson fees 

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I am a New Zealand Qualified Teacher

I have a Diploma in Specialist Subjects - Mathematics and in Technology, and a Diploma in Teaching (Secondary). I also hold a New Zealand Certificate of Engineering (Mechanical).

I have over 20 years experience in teaching at Primary, Intermediate and Secondary schools in the New Zealand curriculum, and I have also taught at a tertiary level.

I have been a tutor of Mathematics for over 20 years, and founded my own business in 2010.

I am a full member of the New Zealand Tutoring Association.

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I am available from 7am to 9.30pm Monday to Sunday including school holidays and the summer break.

Lessons are one hour in duration

I will be closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day


“Exam buster” group sessions are offered in Term 3 holiday break & study leave:

90 minute sessions - schedules available from September each year

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Yes, I am available for extra lessons in the holidays, including the summer break. 

I also run “exam buster” sessions in the Term 3 break and during study leave. These are 90 minute sessions in small groups focussing on each NCEA Level 1 & 2 Achievement Standard assessed externally.   Ideal for exam preparation!

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I work from my home in a dedicated classroom, with a full set of curriculum resources and practical teaching tools including whiteboard, copier, OHP, teaching aids etc

My address is 26 Huatoki Street, Vogeltown, New Plymouth 4310.

Parents are welcome to sit in and observe lessons at any time.

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My preferred payment method is by direct payment by bank transfer. I also accept cash or cheques.

An early payment discount is available if lessons are booked for a full term (or equivalent) and paid within two weeks of invoice.

Alternatively I am happy to negotiate with you for regular instalments to fit in with your budget.

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Regular lessons are most beneficial to the student as this keeps pace with any gaps in learning that occur at school / study, and maintains ongoing progress.

A full term booking will secure a regular time / day session to provide continuity.   

However casual bookings can be made to meet your specific needs. 

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Written reports are provided three times per year (usually at the end of Terms 1, 2 & 3)

Regular feedback is also given as required if there are any concerns or outstanding progress to report.

Parents are welcome to sit in and observe lessons at any time and you are also welcome to contact me at any time if you have any concerns.

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If a student is absent from a scheduled lesson than that lesson must be paid for, unless the required notice is given to be eligible for a "catch up" lesson. Up to two "catch up" lessons may be provided within each term 

To be eligible for a “catch up” lesson the required notice is:

  • At least 48 hours in advance, if unable to attend due to a school / work / family related activity
  • At least 8 hours prior to the lesson, in the case of illness / bereavement

This notice then allows me the time to try and fill your spot from my waiting list.

Credit for booked lessons will only be provided in extenuating circumstances at the Tutor’s discretion.


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A 1B5 lined notebook – to take key notes from the learning given

Any resource books you are currently using

Secondary students need to bring their own calculator

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I usually recommend the purchase of specific books as a supplement to both the student’s level of learning and to meet the needs of the curriculum.

This additional resources can help speed up lessons and learning and gives the students extension / homework to do in their own time.

I can supply these books - costs vary from $7 to $25 each. 

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My teaching style varies to meet each student’s learning style and current needs.

We usually start off by revising what we learnt in the previous lesson and review any homework completed.

We then review what the student is currently studying and work on any areas that need further understanding or development.

Then I can then work on extending their knowledge to complement current studies.

We finally recap the key points of learning in the lesson and often set homework tasks to further reinforce their learning and understanding of the areas covered.

Calculators are usually only used to confirm results, except when needed for specific work in trigonometry, quadratics or calculus etc

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