Growing Minds - Mathematics Tuition in New Plymouth
Growing Minds - Mathematics Tuition in New Plymouth
Growing Minds - Mathematics Tuition in New Plymouth


Our son Olivier has been attending Steven's tuition for a year. He has gone from being intimidated by his maths studies to growing in confidence every lesson. Olivier's attitude is now such a positive one and he is revelling in his successes including receiving a diligence award in Maths in recognition of his achievements. This is in no small part attributable to Steven's patient and guiding hand. This partnership in learning between Olivier and Steven has been worth every bit of the financial commitment. Great work Steven and Olivier!

Steven has worked alongside our son, and previously my nephew (who recommended him to me when he was sitting NCEA). I have found Steven to be an excellent tutor and I would highly recommend him. He relates well to his students and is able to provide them with just the right amount of challenge and support. He has extensive knowledge of curriculum and what students need to know. He gives comprehensive reports to show what students have learned and their next learning steps. His communication through texts and emails and phone calls keeps you well informed and if he has concerns he is open to sharing them. Having Steven support what my son is learning in class has built a deeper understanding and has given him the confidence to aim higher in maths and for this we are very grateful.

Amazing tutor! My two children have made rapid progress and are achieving excellent results since starting maths tuition with Steven. My daughter has commenced NCEA maths a year early, she is 100% certain that this would not have been possible without Steven's tutoring. Both kids really enjoy the lessons and find Steven extremely easy to understand and good company. We feel very lucky to have him supporting our childrens education.

Mr Tubby has been great for my growth in mathematics. I used to struggle in most areas of maths but since regularly meeting with Mr Tubby, my confidence and my knowledge in the subject has risen dramatically. He explains things in a easy and understandable way which helps me learn. Thank you for helping me.

Steven has provided maths tuition for both my Son and Daughter to help them through the NCEA assessment years. 
I cannot speak highly enough of his professionalism, commitment to his students, and skilled teaching. 
On many occasions, we have requested extra tuition as a response to upcoming assessments, and he has always responded very quickly, and offered that "lifeline" where he can.He defiantly has gone "over and above" with this. 
As a parent I have watched the way he builds rapport with students, gaining their respect, and relating warmly to them.I believe this is central to his success with students.It is clear that he really cares about their achievement and goals.As well, he knows the curriculum thoroughly, and the intricacies of the School system and environment. 
Feedback to Parents through written reports is both thorough and specific, with detail ed information.His approach is very individual, and tailored to the skills and personality of each student. 
Both my son and daughter have had their achievement lifted significantly in maths, and Steven has been central to this.

I can not thank Steven enough for the time and effort put into our sons Maths Tutoring. We have a now very confident young man thanks to the tutoring Matt has received from Steven. A couple of years ago our son was struggling in Maths and school in general. We attended many other group tutoring sessions however to no avail. One on one with maths has made such a huge impact on our sons schooling. From a kid who would not put his hand up in class to a young man now beaming with energy about maths and science. His grades are all up above average thanks to the confidence he grew by improving his Maths and understanding of problem solving skills and thinking ahead. Steven is not just a tutor but an extended part of our family. I feel any parent or student should call Steven and attend a session and see the difference. I am so proud of how far our boy has come. Steven breaks down the wall of frustration for our son and explains things so he understands it. The wonderful part of this tutoring is not only the results on paper but the results you see as you watch your child face difficult tasks and break it down...our sons daily comment when practicing at home is...What would Steven do? 

Thank you again Steven. No amount of reviewing can explain how wonderful your service is. 
From the Rowe Family 

Steven has helped my son Ben very much through maths tuition. Not only is Ben learning and proving more Steven has given him confidence which is a great bonus. As a parent my goal is to ensure my son understands the fundamentals of maths well so he can perform way above the standard. This will help him now and I'm his later life. Thanks very much Steven. Ben is looking forward to working with you more over the coming year and beyond. 

We would recommend Steven to any other parent considering extra math tuition for their child. We have used Stevens services for 3 x children now, all of whom have greatly benefited. He engages well with them and provides constructive written appraisals to us to measure their progress. 

Steven is an amazing math tutor- he's tutored me for two years now, and I've gone from achieving average marks to getting consistently high marks in mathematics. He's not only an efficient and talented tutor that has a great knowledge of mathematics, but he's a good person to be around too. One on one tuition with him has been the best learning experience for me these last two school years- sometimes I find I learn more maths with him than in the classroom! 
I highly, HIGHLY reccomend him if you're seeking tuition.

The above testamonials have been taken from an on-line open forum for reviews and ratings from parents and students of Growing Minds provided by "yellow pages"

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