Growing Minds - Mathematics Tuition in New Plymouth
Growing Minds - Mathematics Tuition in New Plymouth
Growing Minds - Mathematics Tuition in New Plymouth

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Why choose Growing Minds Mathematics Tuition?

At Growing Minds;

  • I understand that every child is unique and I show a genuine interest in every student I teach. I quickly build a good rapport with my students, and have a knack at putting students at their ease. With my careful guidance, they quickly build confidence in their abilities, and then their rate of progress accelerates.
  • My service is completely personal. Lessons are tailored to suit the individual right from the very start.
  • There are set lessons usually for one hour each week. This ensures that students can look forward to having any gaps in learning addressed.
  • My tuition is dynamic and adaptive. I take my cue from my students and change the lesson content or pace whenever necessary.
  • With specialist  skills in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering, I know my subject very well from a theoretical and practical perspective. It means that I am able to lay down very solid foundations for my students with a long-term view of mathematical progress. Even the youngest students can benefit from my expertise. I help them to think about maths in the right way in order to prepare them for more advanced concepts later. For older students, I provide a level of insight that is rarely achieved in a secondary school classroom setting.
  • Technical expertise is not enough to make a good teacher. Often, experts in their field have difficulty explaining things at a level that can be understood by those with less experience. It is my ability to explain mathematics at the right level for each individual student that makes my tuition so successful. I teach with simplicity and clarity, enabling students to grasp new concepts quickly.
  • I try to offer more than just a maths tuition service. My enthusiasm for mathematics and my ability to make learning enjoyable gives children the confidence and motivation to excel. It really is possible for children to enjoy learning mathematics! Some parents are amazed at the transformation in their children, even after just one lesson with me. In fact, many students have reported improvements in other subjects at school as a result of their improvement confidence in their learning ability.